"They are doing so well. Growing so fast and just so affectionate and beautiful,  best friends. "




" Molly is the best!!! she’s settling in nicely and has just had some food! We love her so much!! She’s so perfect thank you Liz!!! She’s amazing!! "


Jenny & Elizabeth

"Monet has a beautiful temperament, he gives many cuddles and  we are looking forward to  many more. "


Leo & Jason
Monet 2- Leo & Jason .JPG
Monet - Leo & Jason .JPG

"Mr Harringtom was a birthday present for my daughter and is loved very much.  Everyone needs a Mr Harrington! "


Mr Harrington2-  Adam.JPG
Mr Harrington -  Adam .JPG

"Will let you judge ...I think Phoebe has settled in (attached pic "snuggle time before bedtime") ...she also waits until she hears my alarm before coming to sing at my door (my friends decided she's a perfect match for me) ..  Bubbles is doing really well too, bringing so much joy and I'm giving them lots of love, toys and cuddles."


"This is a little update on Archer and Matilda. They've definitely settled with, with no issues what so ever. Archer is our little lazy golden boy and Matilda is a mischievous naughty girl. They're a dream to have and they bring so much joy to our lives. Thank you Sue, so much for all your patience ,with all of our questions and keeping great contact us in regards to their development. We love our babies and we'll keep you posted with their development. Once again, Thank you!"



"I wanted to let you know what delight our kitten Boldr has been to our family.

He has a lovely nature and has fit into our family well. He is a lap cat but also such a playful boy that he plays fetch with me.

Both the children love him and he is dragged around the house by them. The children love coming home calling out to him and seeing him run up to greet them at the door.

He has also taken a shine to our elderly Labrador which he plays with, and snuggles in the cold.

As you can see from his picture he is a beautiful brown colour with a nearly black mask. We are constantly complimented on what a beautiful looking boy he is."



"We have named our little Burmese Charlie and he is just adorable. He gives our dog what for through the glass doors or anywhere else he can torment her. The kids love him as do I. When I’m ready to get another Burmese I'll be sure to look you up"



"McGee is growing up to be the most beautiful boy. Im sure you would be a proud mummy. He's handsome with the most beautiful nature. Affectionate, curious, mischievous, and playful. The pur on him when he's happy (which is most of the time) has to be heard to be believed. It's so loud! He's just fit into the family with no hassles at all. It's very obvious to me he was well raised and well socialised by you.

I want to thank you for being so gracious and informative when I was doing my research into which kitten would work best with our family. Im sure I asked a million questions over a dozen emails which you took the time to answer thoroughly every time. Even months after McGee joined us, Im still asking advice and you're always so helpful. Devotion like yours to the cause has been hard to find. I will be referring you to friends and family without hesitation. 

Can't wait to get my next little boy off you later on in the year. 







DiNozzo has settled in beautifully. Happy little boy :)


"Milo is great! He really made himself at home the first day amd follows us everywhere.  He sleeps  on our bed and loves a snuggle under the doona! he is getting used to the dog,  he didnt like him the first day but tolerates him now.  He is a beautiful can and loves being on our lap :) "







Just wanted to give an update on milo, he is the most gorgeous affectionate cat who is our little boys best friend, they absolutely adore each other. Have not had a better breed of cat in my life-he is just such a personality :)



"Just wanted to share  these photos of Cosmo at 12 months and 3 days. He is such a comedian and a loyal wonderful little man. he does fetch. Has his harness and lead down pat. So amazingly intelligetn.  Best decision we ever made. Hevent done any caravaning this year for a whole lot of reasons, but i know he'll be fine when we do. Thanks for breeding him! "

Chris & Graham
Noel & Judith

"Thought I would let you know that Attila aka lioness has fit in very well at our home, as u can see from the photos he has managed to investigate every corner of our house, pull the tree down, climb the walls and get himself into sticky situations. He is definately a character! Thank you! "



"Theo has made himself right at home, he settled in perfectly, such a gorgeous boy & so well socialised..Thank you"



"Luna is all tuckered out after a big morning exploring her new surroundings. We are absolutely in love with her!! Thank you so much for our little fur baby!!"



"Bronte is a gorgeous cat full of mischief and still carrying items  in his mouth around the house, he loves being outside in his Catio and sleeping in his hammock too. He and Bob relate very well and are good companions."


Bronte -  Gill.jpg

" We love him. He is going great. He is the king of the house. He is such a lovely boy. So much character and love. " 


'PIXIE' aka 'SOX'

Our beautiful girl (was Pixie - re-named Sox for obvious reasons!) She is everything we were told - good natured, gentle, playful and cuddly.  Thank you for our sweet soul!"








"This is Pixie - now Sox (she comandeered one of my socks straight away and it turns up here, there and anywhere each day!)She has the most wonderful personality - gentle and loving. A credit to your breeding. Thank you"


Heather & Allan

“I am sooo in love with my choc berm baby I got off Sue and Liz. He has the most snuggly, laid back relaxed temperament and was able to fit straight in to our family, We adopted a Russian blue x kitten at the same time we got Cino (burmese kitten) and the boys are such good friends, I am sure that anybody who buys a kitten off Sue and Liz are going to have a friend for life!.”



"We adopted Boo on the 6th of December. He is the perfect addition to our little family unit. He is everything you could want in a kitten, affectionate, confident, playful and placid. He became fast friends with my 2 year old moggy. A big thank you to Sue for all the correspondence, organising the courier and answering my many questions! Boo is a fine specimen and in tip top health. I will be recommending Anelon to all interested in adopting a Burmese."


Boo - Kim.jpeg
Boo 2 - Kim.jpg

"Elizabeth has settled in like a true Queen  She is just a little treasure with a very affectionate and loving personality. She’s also very curious and has her little zoomie moods. She is my daughter’s first real pet and my daughter is absolutely besotted and in love. She has grown a lot! Thanks so very much.  

So glad we got our lovely kitten from your. You clearly know what you are doing when it comes to raising Burmese."